UIPath Increases its IPO Offering Size

April 19th, 2021

UIPath Increases its IPO Offering Size

I just received an email update from ETrade in regards to the IPO participation offering for UIPath (PATH).

“You should access and review the amended prospectus and consider your conditional offer in light of the information provided therein.

Some terms and details reflected in the amended prospectus may be deemed material by investors.

The price range for the offering has changed.

Previous Price Range: $43.00 – $50.00

Revised Price Range: $52.00 – $54.00

The estimated number of shares being sold has changed.

Previous Number of Shares: 21,282,081 shares

Revised Number of Shares: 23,890,777 shares”

A raise in share price and share offering is not unusual, and logically indicates that demand is high for this IPO. We’ll see if they actually allocate any shares to retail investors (like me). But it’s usually a good sign when there is high demand for an IPO.

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