Not Quite a Stealth IPO, but a last-minute, under-the-radar debut to watch

August 12th, 2021

So, it’s been a while since we saw a ‘Stealth IPO’ show up, and this one doesn’t necessarily look like one of those shady money-laundering schemes we’ve seen in the past, but it did show up last minute with little-to-no promotion or fanfare… and it’s got my attention.

I always find it odd when a company chooses to IPO without bringing much attention to themselves, especially a NASDAQ listing that doesn’t even show up on the website and almost appears to be intentionally avoiding the spotlight.

However, most of the stealth IPOs we saw in the past were Chinese companies that appear to have been involved in some kind of money laundering scheme, and from the looks of it, this one has nothing to do with China.

And on the surface, it doesn’t look like the usual suspects of Boustead Securities/Sutter Financial or Network 1 Financial are involved as the underwriters… however, upon further investigation – I DID find some loose threads connecting the underwriter of this deal to our favorite underwriters…

You see, the lead underwriter of this IPO is EF Hutton (formerly Kingswood) – and Kingswood has used the same law firm (Ortoli Rosenstadt) as Boustead securities has used on several IPOs, including UTME.

Anyway, what excites me about this one is the fact that:

  1. We’ve had a really boring week in IPO land, and I’m just itching to have something to get excited about

  2. This ticker has a very low float of just 2.9M Shares

  3. The company in question provides, according to their website, “a blockchain, cybersecurity, and social media company that not only focuses on protecting our privacy on our devices, but also protecting our information after we have shared it with others”. I literally can’t think of any missing buzzwords that I’d like to add, except maybe “NFT”

Ok, so the company I’m talking about it called Datchat – the ticker is DATS, and they are slated to debut their IPO on the NASDAQ tomorrow.

Thing is, there’s no hype around this one at all as of this writing, but if word gets out, and with little else worth playing in the IPO field, it could blow up rather quickly under the right conditions. For me, it’s worth getting in on the debut and seeing what happens throughout the day or into next week. It’s a super-risky play if there’s any kind of debut-premium, but it’s also the kind of setup that might make it very worth getting into early.

NOTE: I am not a financial advisor, this is not financial advice, just information. I may take a position in this equity within the next 72 hours. Good luck!

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