IPOWarriors IPO Preview for November 22 – November 26, 2021

November 23rd, 2021

We’re heading into a shortened week, with the markets closed on Thursday for Thanksgiving and a half day on Friday. No major IPOs on the calendar, but a few worth keeping an eye on, and of course, with most traders taking the back half of the week off, we will be keeping our eyes peeled for a possible Stealth IPO launch.
Having said that, I’ll be out picking up a turkey on Wednesday, so unless there is a Stealth IPO (
you can read about what these are here), I’ll just be passively watching these.


It’s not too late to add contributions, as I have identified some additional needs that would help me in video production (like, some video editing software):


Ok, let’s get through these:

Cingulate (CING) – 11/24/2021 | 3M Shares
So, here we have a pharmaceutical company who’s IPO has been rescheduled at least 3 times, and who knows if they’ll debut this week. They are developing improved drug delivery technology for ADHD treatments for drugs that are already approved. I don’t know much about this, though I’ve read confirmations that poor release times are a pain point for ADHD medication (the irony that ADHD patients would be impatient is not lost on me), and would need to see a significant interest from social media traders to give this one a shot. As for me, I’m not sure it will hold my attention, nor that of other traders. Probably a pass.

Austin Gold (AUST) – 11/24/2021 | 3M Shares
Also rescheduled from last week, this one is a gold prospecting company based out of Vancouver with claims in Nevada. Their website is laughably bad, with no updated information, and some pages showing error messages. Interestingly, the CEO just sold his previous gold mining company, Pretium Resources, for $2.8B at a significant premium for shareholders, so this does look somewhat legitimate. On the downside, the market has not been too friendly to Roth Capital IPOs, so I’m not sure this will get much immediate retail demand. Then again, gold is considered an inflation hedge, and perhaps that brings this one some attention. Maybe one to watch, but unless the temperature of the social buzz around this one gets hot, I’ll be watching it from the sidelines.

Skylight Health Group (SLHGP) – 11/24/2021 | ??
This is an uplisting from the TSX: some affordable healthcare service provider. I’m not excited about it, uplistings generally don’t do well unless they’re either a essentially a stealth-IPO in disguise (FCUV) or something super hot like crypto mining when BTC is in an uptrend (ARBK). As I’ve explained before, the pop based on any benefits provided by an uplisting is usually already priced into the share price, and plenty of existing shareholders are ready to exit. So I don’t see any reason to get particularly excited about this one.

Sangoma Technologies (SANG) – 11/24/2021 | 5.5M Shares
Another uplisting: cloud communications services for small and medium sized businesses. No thanks.

AeroClean Technologies (AERC) – 11/24/2021 | 2.5M Shares
Ok, so… if someone held a gun to my head and forced me to pick an IPO to play this week, I’d have to go with this one. It’s a micro-float debut for a company that has patented filtration and UV cleaning technology that reportedly eliminates 99.9% of viruses and bacteria from the air. Basically, a COVID play with a low float, on a slow market day. So yeah, this one could be interesting.

Nuvectis Pharma (NVCT) – 11/24/2021 | 2.3M Share
Complicated sounding biotech with 2.3M shares… something about precision medicines for oncology. I’m not gonna try to make sense of biotech IPOs anymore. 9/10 do poorly, the random one that rips is quick to fade, and if you get stuck, the bag holding process generally takes a long time to reverse, if ever.

But… maybe we’ll get a stealth IPO this week?
Well, so we’ve been tracking GSUN for a while now, given that the underwriter, Network 1 Financial, has managed several high flying random Chinese IPOs in the past, and it’s been a while since they brought anything to the table. Conditions are ripe for wealthy Chinese to want to move their money from beyond the wall of the PRC, and we had an update to the GSUN F-1/a statement last week. If you WERE trying to debut an IPO under the radar, with minimal attention, it seems that trying to sneak it in before (or after) Thanksgiving would be a good fit. I’ll be watching this very carefully, and will do what I can to send out updates if we hear any news.

Oh, and another thing. You should consider that all of the IPOs on the calendar for this week are on Wednesday. Thursday is Thanksgiving, so the market is closed, and Friday is a half day (markets close at 1PM). Consider this when playing any IPOs, as I would expect any Wednesday debuts to be all but completely forgotten by the time the market opens up again next week on Monday, November 29th. So I would not go chasing EOD runs, or holding for Day 2 rallies.

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