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IPO Warriors Premium Membership

$97.79/mo | $938.79/yr (20% discount)

Limited to 300 Members*

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Expires June 1, 2023

I can’t believe it’s been nearly 3 years since I posted the seminal Reddit post that kicked off what has since grown into the IPO Warriors trading community. I am eternally grateful for all of the support, insights, and encouragement from the community that has now grown to well over 1,000 members.

It has given me a great sense of personal pride and accomplishment to hear of all the successes that members of the IPOW trading community have realized with the assistance of my research, and I look forward to providing valuable insights and ideas for trading strategies going forward. I sincerely believe that by monetizing my efforts, I will be further motivated to expand the value of what I bring to the community.

Having dedicated thousands of hours in conducting and sharing my research into nearly every IPO over the past two years, along with the financial pressures that accompany the blessings of a new arrival in my family, I feel it is time to transition the IPO Warriors publication towards a premium (yes, as in “paid”) service.

I also feel that this will increase the value of the trading opportunities that I able to uncover through my research: particularly for the low-float IPOs that have provided tremendous win potential off their debuts. It has been pointed out to me on multiple occasions that by promoting these setups, I may be bringing an over-saturation of demand into the play prior to the upside run, and by reducing the number of traders who actively receive these ideas, could open up the trades for greater upside opportunity.

For this reason, I plan to limit the number of members for the premium service to a maximum of 300 members.


  • FREE IPO Trading Guide
  • Weekly List of Upcoming Scheduled IPOs (Basic Version)
  • Weekly Recap of Previous Week’s IPOs (Basic Version)


  • FREE IPO Trading Guide
  • Weekly List of Upcoming Scheduled IPOs (Premium Version)
    • Detailed Breakdown of Each IPO
    • Considerations for each IPO
    • Financial Overview of IPOs (when available)
    • Notes from the S-1/F-1 Filings
    • List of Underwriters for each IPO
    • List of Recent Similar IPOs
    • Trading Strategy Ideas for each IPO
    • Recent IPOs with Upcoming LPX Dates (Lockup Period Expirations)
  • Weekly Recap of Last Week’s IPOs (Premium Version)
    • Includes the “Looking Ahead” section for each IPO
    • Includes the LPX Review for each Week’s recent IPO Runners that moved in conjunction with Lockup Period Expirations
  • Mid-Week IPO Updates
    • Provides details for IPOs that are added to the calendar mid-week: Particularly applicable to Stealth IPOs
  • Weekly Video Conference Call
    • I will host an hour-long weekly video conference call for Premium Members to discuss upcoming IPOs, LPX movers, and recent IPOs.
  • Live Trading Videos for Select IPOs
    • Live trading select IPOs will be exclusively available to premium members (replays available to the general public)


If you have any questions about any of this, please feel free to email me at
* I intend to limit the number of Premium Members to 300 subscribers, in part, to provide some exclusivity for the information and ideas presented in the IPO Warriors research. This number may be increased in the future, and any such changes will be disclosed to the community in advance.

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