IPO Warriors IPO and LPX Preview for September 26 – September 30, 2022

September 29, 2022

I decided to delay sending out this week’s newsletter until there was something definitive to report regarding the IPO debut calendar. As most of you know, there has been a bit of a moratorium placed on fresh IPO debuts by NASDAQ as they attempt to sort out the root cause of the extreme pop-and-drop movements we’ve been seeing in recent IPOs, particularly the Chinese variety of F-1 filings that have made relatively ridiculous runs from single to triple, even quadruple digits in single trading sessions. The aim appears to be implementing new rules to curb this kind of volatility, or possibly to ensure that shareholders are not trading shares back and forth between their own accounts to either manipulate prices or launder money.

Meanwhile, a rather obscure IPO (AMV) managed to squeak through the cracks on Tuesday under Regulation A and Regulation CF crowdfunding offerings (so, no underwriters and no recent S-1 filing). We were on top of it and covering the debut in the Premium Discord channel: a few of us hopped in on the debut and caught a monster run from an opening trade of $30 that ripped as high as $300.00 in after hours trading (I was already out for the day when it finally debuted). This one didn’t appear to be any kind of Stealth setup – simply a case of mishandled processing where the majority of shareholders were unable to sell their IPO shares on the debut: so basically a massive logistical oversight by the company, while NASDAQ appears to have been more focused on scrutinizing Chinese debuts. Oh well, clearly the IPO process is not as orderly as we might expect it to be, and not the first time an IPO has been mishandled on its debut (remember GCT? Wasn’t even supported for trading on WeBull after having handed out allocations through WeBull’s IPO Center requests!).

On the bright side, it appears that we DO have at least one confirmed, standard IPO this week, and I’m excited to review it.


This Week’s IPOs:

  • Laser Photonics (LASE) – September 30, 2022 | 3M Shares


Ok, Let’s jump in:

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