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IPO Warriors IPO and LPX Preview for August 22 – August 26, 2022

August 22, 2022

WeBull’s fumble of the GCT debut may have hurt the debut trade for IPO flippers who managed to gather up allocations on this one, but it certainly did wonders to keep the low-float IPO train firmly on the tracks with a full head of steam. High volume on the opening print is a bit of a red flag, and GCT did not demonstrate any constrained float in the debut: an initial drop was saved by WeBull traders once the ticker was enabled on the platform, but had it been functional from the debut, we almost certainly would have seen a much higher debut on more volume, which could have resulted in a less profitable setup for those arriving even a few minutes late to the party. Alas, we’ll never know for sure, and as a result, the lucrative gains won by everyone who bought on Day 1 and sold on Day 2 or even 3 will be carried into the next trade (along with stronger FOMO by those who missed out.

With the rest of the market in a bit of a cooling-off period, we should expect low-float IPOs to remain in focus, and with many traders still figuring out how to get into the trades as early as possible, the opportunity to enter on the debut print ahead of chasers still appears to be a relatively reliable strategy, though there will be a tipping point at which one of these does not have a constrained float, debuts at an unsustainable level, halts up anyway, and then fails to attract chasers. I don’t think we’re there yet, but will continue to adjust position size according to debut premium, and volume will be the lead indicator guiding my entry.


This Week’s IPOs:

  • Starbox (STBX) – August 23, 2022 | 5M Shares

  • Mobilicom (MOB) – August 24, 2022 | 2.15M Units

  • PaxMedica (PXMD) – August 25, 2022 | 1.545M Shares

  • Wearable Devices (WLDS) – August 25, 2022 | 3.6M Shares

  • Jeffs Brands (JFBR) – August 26, 2022 | 2.5M Units

  • Hempacco (HPCO) – August 26, 2022 | 1M

  • Jianzhi Education (JZ) – August 26, 2022 | 5M Shares


Ok, Let’s jump in:

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