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Harley Davidson Spins Off it’s EV Division Visa SPAC Merger

By Jonathan Michael | September 25, 2022

IPO Warriors Premium | Special Edition: Community Content
Harley Davidson Spins Off it’s EV Division Visa SPAC Merger

I’ve always insisted that the IPO Warriors platform is not really about me as an individual, but is rather, a community of IPO trading enthusiasts ranging from novice to expert level individuals that includes traders, financial managers, brokers, and even underwriters. I certainly don’t consider myself to be an “expert” on anything, and see myself as a hard working researcher who is constantly learning and has gained a ton of experience trading IPOs to the point where I feel I have something to offer those who are interested in a trading strategy that has been highly profitable for myself and many others.

The strength of the IPO Warriors community is indeed in the collective knowledge of it’s members, and the breath and depth of information the is ultimately channeled through the newsletters, weekly live streams, and in the Discord channels continuous to astound me. I feel fortunate to be a member of the IPOW community as the manager/administrator of this platform, and am happy to present this supplementary content provided by an esteemed IPO Warriors Premium member covering a topic that falls just outside of the scope of traditional IPOs: a SPAC that is worth paying attention to when it completes its merger next week:

Contributed by Johnathan Michael
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LVW-Harley Davidson LiveWire EV-

Date: September 27 2022 |
Float: Est 5M shares
Price Range:
Pre Merger under IMPX- Current price as of writing $8
Offering Size: $40M
Industry: EV/ESG

Overview: Harley Davidson (HOG) has decided to take their EV Brand LiveWire public via a SPAC merger. I am expecting a large number of redemptions but do not anticipate this being a microfloat. Expecting a relatively small float though around 5M for the initial IPO kickoff date on Tuesday, Sept. 27th. THIS IS OPTIONABLE- a bonus to some SPAC IPOs, which allows you to control your risk while gaining exposure via “allocation” in the form of pre-merge availability under Ticker IMPX. Please note: Ticker changes can cause issues at brokers, you may not have immediate access to shares. If you want to “play it as it lies” I suggest waiting until the day of the ticker change as there is rarely a problem with buying, only selling shares you held pre merge. This is why I like options.

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